Biographical stuff

I live in Brisbane, Australia, where I teach English for Academic Purposes. I’ve worked in English Language Teaching (ELT) for over 13 years as a teacher, manager, curriculum developer and instructional designer. I have a BA (History), CELTA, MEd (TESOL) and IDLTM. I was an IELTS examiner for two years. I helped to get #AusELT started. I’m a serial presenter.

You can find me on Twitter as @elkysmith.

I make music as Distant Fingers and as part of Two Birds.

Other writings

I’ve written several reviews of books on technology in ELT for the EA Journal

  1. Webinars: A cookbook for educators by Nicky Hockly
  2. Language Learning with Technology: Ideas for integrating technology in the classroom by Graham Stanley
  3. Mind the App! Inspiring internet tools and activities to engage your students by Thomas Strasser

I didn’t really know much at all about educational technology when I was writing those, but I was beginning to think more critically about it and I think that’s reflected to some extent across the three reviews.

I wrote a review of Dan Douglas’s Understanding Language Testing for TESOL In Context.

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